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107 South started as an idea like most things. With Covid 19 at its height in the summer of 2020, Erik decided that there was an even playing field with everyone at home and it was time to make a dream a reality. When the idea was pitched to a group of friends, the most enthusiastic was Aaron. From there, the two intensely started working out the kinks from mission statements, to even creating their logo from scratch. When thinking of what to call themselves, they felt it was a no-brainer to go with that stretch of rural highway where they met. There’s only one way in and out of Cullowhee, and the guys quickly adopted the slogan “All Roads Lead Here” as their statement and purpose. At Western Carolina University, they not only learned their craft but also cultivated a mindset of approaching filmmaking with southern hospitality. They value the true things in life like friends, family, and the little things; and that’s what they set out to capture. Their goal is to create high-quality content while embracing their clients with the “mom and pop store” comfortability. For Erik and Aaron, the sky's the limit. They believe in taking on any opportunity that’s presented and giving nothing but their absolute best. They hope you embark on this journey with them!

107 South Crew

Erik Rollins

Growing up in Murphy, North Carolina: Erik always had dreams of telling stories through film. From an early age, he realized the power that film held and always sought out a career as a filmmaker. With limited resources in a small, country town, he found his strengths in writing and cultivating his ideas through pen and paper. When it was time for higher education, Erik was pleasantly surprised when he discovered film school was an actuality. He attended Western Carolina University from 2016 through 2020 and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production. During his tenure, Erik worked on 40+ sets in every position from director to even cooking for other crews. Erik believes that when you have passion for the art form, any position you take is a gift. He also believes that you should learn every aspect of filmmaking for it makes you stronger in the long run. With 107 South, Erik takes the reins on the story/preparation side. From running all social media accounts, contracts, and even networking, Erik keeps the engine running.

Aaron Wilhoit grew up in Marietta Georgia and has always known he wanted to create movies and videos. He grew up making shorts with his father’s video camera. In the 4th grade he was recognized at the state level for a film he made about “his favorite place”. He was interested in film editing in high school and took several classes to teach him how to do so. He attended Western Carolina University and obtained his degree in Film in the Fall of 2019. During this time, he interned with Crisp video group in Atlanta which helped solidify his ability to tell a story through film and have a solid workflow while editing. Today Aaron enjoys film editing as well as writing and cinematography. Through 107 South he enjoys practicing what he has always enjoyed doing and continuing to grow through the new experiences offered with the business.

Aaron Wilhoit
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